Into the Future

August 25, 2006

[music: Last Dance by The Cure]
[mood: tired]

Ever since watching Blade Runner a month ago, I remember being so fascinated by The Future when I was a kid. Even now, I can’t help but get a kick out of living beyond the year 2000. I can’t imagine what life will be like in 2050. I’ll be in my 70s, so I HOPEFULLY will be around for it. I love watching movies that take place in the future. Weather it’s cheesy sci-fi or something as strange and captivating as The Fountain, it’ll always hook me in.

I played a mean game of racquetball today. While I was searching for a pic to show on ‘the future’ I found this one from Star Trek. Hah. Is that what we’ll really wear to play raquetball in the 24th century?


One Response to “Into the Future”

  1. Just watched Blade Runner once again and was stunned when I saw Rick Deckard (30:55) using an iPhone controlling his apartment elevator… WTF?

    Judge for yourself:

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